Saturday, December 24, 2011

Episode 65 - End of An Error

With perfect timing, I complete the task of listening to one song from every record in my record collection*. This final episode clocks in at 5 hours and represents a sprint to the finish. For your convenience, it is split into 4 parts below. This website now represents a complete archive of my life via the records that I have loved. If a fire or flood destroys my collection, my insurance claim will simply be a matter of cutting and pasting from this website. Thank you for listening.

Part one: French West African jams, Urgh a Music War, silent guest host Jackie Canchola, dance club slander.

Episode 65, Part One, A Complete Abridged Record Collection

Part two: A little bit of rock infidelity, heavy euro hip-hop and mid-western 12" singles.

Episode 65, Part Two, A Complete Abridged Record Collection

Part three: Guest co-host Katie Roetker, Greek New Wave, Greek "New Wave" and comedy rock.

Episode 65, Part Three, A Complete Abridged Record Collection

Part four: A little bit of actual good music and a giant finale of euro hip-house and italo-disco!

Episode 65, Part Four, A Complete Abridged Record Collection

*One record per artist

Part One
Yaya M'buta Mashakado - Auteur-Compositeur
Roger Plunket - The Man World
Molengi Show - S/T
Jean Michele Cabrimol - La Mafia
The Sandals - Endless Summer
Watercolour Paintings - Split w/ Sea lions
Television - Marquee Moon
Otis Redding - Dictionary of Soul
Bobby Hebb - Sunny
Dee Dee Sharp - All the hits
Versatones - Bruce Records Part 24
The Elegants - Oldies but Goodies, Vol 5
Daniel Johnston - Hi How are You, Sept 83
Folk Implosion - Take a look inside
Bridgitte Bardot - S/T
Little Richard - Here's...
X - Urgh A music War
Moira - Et ses chansons
Wire - 154
David Bowie - Heroes

Part Two
Creedence Clearwater Revival - S/T
Jon Rae & the River - Knows what you need
The Five Keys - The connoisseur collection of...
Fabi - When we were young
Harry and the Potters - Live at the new york public library
White Fang - Whatever
Abba - The Visitor
Kool and the Gang - Ladies Night
Parliment - Mothership Connection
Heaven 17 - Penthouse and Pavement
Blowfly - 12" single
Foxy - 12"
Rico Sauve - Rico Sauve 12"
Kriss Kross - I missed the bus
Master Genius - Let's Break
Bobby - Make You Mine
Lipps Inc. - 4
Surf MCs - Surf or Die
J.N.D. - Original J.
Warren G - 12" I'm looking at you

Part Three
Sharp Ties - Safari Boys
Savopolous - Lyra 3225
akoloypia - emial
Arleta - to Neo Kyma
Maria Kwx - minos
boppeioi - olympic
Forminx - Para Vox Comp
Vicky - Vicky
Aphrodite's Child - Greatest Hits
alexpx - Lyra 4533
Rapping Rodney - Rapping Rodney 12"
Friars - The Friars
Boris Pickett - Monster Mash
La Bande A Benny - S/T
Kim Mitchell - Shakin' like a human being

Part Four
Suicide - Suicide
Tousan - The Wild Sound of New Orleans
Bermuda Strollers - Featuring Ted Ming
The Merrymen - Carribean Treasure Chest
Mighty Sparrow - Calypso Time
Calypso Rose - Stepping Out
Coming Like Dynamite - Dalpin Dynamite
Eric - Mon Oncle Leo Natalie Nadine
The Daycare Center - A Jumpin' Jackpot of Melody!
Bachlorette - The End of Things
Adams and Eves - Dear Professor
Sagvan Tofi - Vecirek
Heidi - Supernova
Ice MC - Cinema
Smith Weston and Me - make my day 12"
Local Boy - Midnight Hour 12"
Digital Game - Shake your Booty
Malte - Cool Runnings
Retro Santana - Arretez
Italo Love Fruits - Love Power Mix Vol. 2
Lisa - Love is like an Itching in my Heart
The New Pilots - Meet Me in Moscow
Mare Reed - One Body
Reeds - Straight Down
Fancy - When Guardian Angels... Rap
Skizzo and the Incredible Samurai Gang - Hot Dance
Oasis - Yes I Do

The Records Played!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Episode 64, A Complete Abridged Record Collection

It's good to near the end of this "project" with an episode such as this, hoping that this represents an even distribution of music in my record collection and memories in my head.

A Complete Abridged Record Collection, Episode 64

Sparky D - Sparky's Turn (Roxanne you're through)
Kate and Anne McGarrigle - Entre la jeunesse et la sagess
Crass - Penis Envy
Frog Eyes - Paul's Tomb
Stories - About us
Jenny Omnichord - All our little bones
Stereo Total - s/t
Captain Ahab - The end of irony
Arthur Connely - Soul Directions
Nanette Workman - S/T
The Sherlocks - Beat not the bones
The Dells - Oh What a night
Lemuria - Pebble
Les Asterix - Rumble in the Garage, Quebec 66

The Records Played!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Episode 63 - One track mind

Thanks to a recent trip to LA and an amazing 10th anniversary sale at Marriage Records, this episode features records that have been in my collection for less than a week. That being said, some of the memories are ancient, stretching back to some of the first records I ever bought (Railroad Jerk's Bang the Drum). Also, I briefly mention the phrase 'spanning time' and avoid the story about being ALMOST invited to a celebrity birthday party, further confirming that it is still a sore memory.

A Complete Abridged Record Collection, Episode 63

Genevieve Castre and the Watery Graves - s/t
Thanksgiving - Bitches is Lord
Watery Graves - Portland
Rustgangs - Garage Club
Ike and Tina Turner - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
Railroad Jerk - One track mind
Derome / Lussier - Soyez Vigilantes, Restez Vivants! Vol. 1.
Mtume - Juicy Fruit
Soul Junk - Soul Junk
Bad Weather California - Demos and Live takes
Patrick Sky - A Harvest of Gentle Clang
Ben and Bruno - 100 Grim Reapers

The Records Played!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode 62 - Don't Touch My Bikini

Even I'll admit that the music in this episode is wall to wall rock solid. I brought my own record cartridges so that I wouldn't have to deal with the stations miserably damaged ones. I bought some snacks before the show, which always makes for a more relaxed and phlegmy. I had some excellent songs to just sit back and blast to myself. Quite a few memories were skirted over - I could probably fill an hour just talking about Kevin Greenspon or Apollo Ghosts alone, not mention such seminal groups as Key Losers and Halo Benders. All in all, a great episode.

A Complete Abridged Record Collection, Episode 62

Irving Taylor - Garbage Collector in Beverley Hills
Les Kanto - Serais-tu un de mes amis
Nada - Tes Yeux La Felicite
Solomon Burke - Greatest Hits
Cris Williamson - The Changer and the Changed
Cole Moldy Milner - Best Friends Forever
Kevin Greenspon - Family Time Compilation
California Lite - Key Losers
Harry Partch & Cage - Music of...
Halo Benders - Don't tell me now
Black Out Beach - Skin of Evil
Sebastien Tellier - Sexuality
Sean Nicholas Savage - Mutual Feeling of Respect and Admiration
Apollo Ghosts - CiTR Pop Alliance Vol 2
Los Yetis - Historia
The Chiffons - Everything you always wanted to hear...

The Records Played!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Episode 61 - Show me your motion

Amidst major technical difficulties, I bust out an hour long set of stictly French West African records purchased from a single flee market stall in Athens, Greece. The covers are priceless but the songs aren't half bad either. I lose it a few times due to broken needles (that I just replaced) and failing microphones. OH WELL.

A Complete Abridged Record Collection, Episode 61

Sex Machine - Sex Machine
Petit Pays - Ca Fait Mal
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & his Inter-Reformers Band - Solution
ESA - Eyaye
Djuma Djanana - de Langa Langa Stars
Emy Laskin Ngomateke - et L'orchestre canon star superstar
Pat Thomas - Me Do Wiase
Banana Zook - S/T
Arrow - Heavy Energy

The Records Played!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Episode 60 - Skeet, Skat

At this point, my record collection is totally jumbled up, mainly due to the 24 hours DJ set that I did. So I need to go through my collection and find the few remaining records that haven't been played on this show. Here, I am doing that in real time! It is a totally unpleasant and boring task, rightly appropriate for this internet podcast/broadcast!

A Complete Abridged Record Collection, Episode 60

Dog Day - Elder School House
2e Civilization - hits
Electro-man - Googloo
The Flirts - Born to Flirt
Art and Aaron Neville - S/T
? and the mysterians - 96 tears
Headcoatees - Sisters of Sauve
Heavy Hawaii - S/T
I just wanna rap - Rockin' Roll
Alys Robi - Les succes d'
Love - Revisited
Silicon Teen - Music for Parties

The Records Played!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Episode 59 - Recsperience

This episode features a specially curated three song mini-segment by Emily Beliveau, in which she explores some digs from the town of Goedrich, Ontario (I call it "Good-Rich" although supposedly it's pronounced "God-Er-Rich"). Clearly Emily has advanced taste.

A Complete Abridged Record Collection, Episode 59

Leonard Cohen - I'm your man
Wes Harisson - You won't believe your ears
Buddy Max - The singing flea market cowboy
Sharon Strong - Sincerely...
Andy Gibb - After Dark
Sonny and the Sunglows - Jamboree
Oscar James - Katrina
The Shirelles - Sing with Trumpets and Strings
Tenia - Touched by the Sun
Ella Jenkins - Jambo and other call and response songs and chants
Himalayan Bear - Hard Times

The Records Played!